Santos & Santana announces lateral hiring and expands its civil litigation practice area

Santos & Santana announces the lateral hiring of Sylvie Boechat, a new partner in the strategic civil litigation practice area of the firm.

Sylvie’s education background consists of a Bachelor’s Law Degree from the University of São Paulo (USP) and an in-progress postgraduation course in Corporate Law at Ibmec São Paulo. Sylvie has over 22 years of experience as a business lawyer, with a highlight on sponsorship, defense, or strategic out-of-court negotiation in legal actions for recovery of high-value credits, bankruptcy proceedings and other highly complex civil claims, as well as promoting corporate and contractual consulting, coupled with extensive experience in real estate law issues.

With experience in large companies legal departments in the real estate segment and recognized full-service law firms, Sylvie has always focused her practice on delivering the best and most effective results.

Throughout her career, Sylvie has also promoted several pro-bono activities, especially in favor of cancer patients, including integrating non-governmental organizations of interest, to contribute to the improvement of public and private policies pertinent to them and to keep active his commitment to the social function of the profession. Besides, her mission has been to stimulate women’s empowerment, especially related to the management and development of women during the practice of advocacy, participating in several groups of interest in this cause.

“Santos & Santana goes through an expansion moment and has been investing in technology to make its processes even more assertive. With my personal, professional, technical, and management experience, I believe I can contribute with even more innovative solutions to current and future clients. Besides, it is an office that supports and promotes diversity and gender equality, causes that are close to my heart and my history.” says Sylvie Boechat.

Sylvie has already been highlighted in the Análise Advocacia 500 publication as one of the most admired lawyers in the full-service category by companies in the electronics sector. She is also the author of many articles and guest speaker at several multidisciplinary events.

About Santos & Santana

Santos & Santana Advogados consists of a team of professionals prepared to meet corporate demands. Focused on the business routine for over 10 years, the office has elaborated its guidelines based on dynamism and commitment as permanent mechanisms.

With headquarters in the city of São Paulo and unit in Brasília, it operates in the areas of Corporate, Contracts, Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation and Assets Recovery, Consumer, Foreign Trade and Customs, Labor Law and Tax Law.


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