Our story

Our background was a true journey of experiences. We proved courage, risks, change, technologies, and finally, recognition. Today, we are a reference in what we propose to do and we are experimenting and sharing innovation once again.

Início das atividades do S&S na área de Relações de Consumo

We took the first steps in Aracaju-Sergipe, serving companies from all over Brazil with claims in the state.


We created our first system of Management of Lawsuits

With the system of Management of Lawsuits created, we broke the barriers in Sergipe and started to meet demands of clients in other states, including São Paulo.


Start of operations in São Paulo. Expansion of areas of operation.

We set up our headquarters in São Paulo, entered into important professional partnerships and started to work in several areas.


We reached the milestone of 10,000 lawsuits

We proved our commitment to resolving claims with convenience, innovation and speed.


We were recognized as one of the best in Brazil by Leaders League Ranking

We consolidated our presence in the market with recognition in the national legal scenario.


We create the first Digital office in Brazil

We are ready to share our innovative spirit with the market.