Diversity and inclusion

Believing in equality can change everything.

It can even change the way we view legal practice. That is why embracing diversity, valuing gender equality and including those who have always been on the sidelines is a non-negotiable value of ours.

Increasing the participation of women to balance potentials regardless of gender is urgent.

We aim to provide our lawyers with the same growth opportunities as male professionals, without any distinction. Valuing and developing each person's potential and skills, regardless of gender, is a necessity and an objective of our office.

Fighting racism to make room for black people in the legal universe is on the agenda every day.

We seek to continually educate ourselves against structural racism, so that it stays outside our office and society. In practice, we have opted to increase the participation of black professionals in our law firm, valuing their talents, so that they become encouraging references for young people who find a professional barrier in the lack of representativeness.

Respect the freedom to be. More than a necessity, a prerequisite for having a coexistence among us.

Every good relationship begins with respect. It is from this point that we also guide our professional relationships, no matter who. We are extremely committed to providing an open and welcoming environment to LGBTQ+ public, because we see strength in the diversity in our team. Thus, we value continuous education to break prejudices, contributing to our evolution as a society, plural as it is.