We operate on several fronts in the sector, generating important intelligence data to reduce individual claims, and at specific agencies related to consumer law (such as Procon, Reclame Aqui, Consumidor.gov). We also work with sponsorship and defense of strategic lawsuits involving rights and obligations in this niche, and the relationship with third parties related to them. In addition, we work on credit recovery lawsuits, aiming at reducing default, and as creditors in cases of judicial recovery and bankruptcy.

Our consumer relations area is specialized in the management of large-scale civil litigation portfolios, with strategic actions focused on reducing portfolios and costs with lawsuits.

To this end, we use the PDCA methodology, defining the relevant goals and indicators for each Client and the respective action plans. The results achieved are analyzed monthly in order to make adjustments to the plans and policies adopted to achieve KPIs.

The sharing of intelligence data with our Clients allows the identification of offenders and the safe adoption of several strategies such as: preventive actions with business areas, implementation of agreement policies and measures to reduce contingencies.

Our team has expertise in meeting demands of Procon and other Consumer Protection and Defense Agencies, which is a very important difference in conducting this type of portfolio: we operate effectively in administrative proceedings and complaints, notices of infraction, administrative fines and Conduct Adjustment Agreements.

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Hélvio Santos Santana

Hélvio Santos Santana


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Sylvie Boechat

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